What Every Parents Should Know About K12

Although the school helps the students to be mentally and emotionally prepared, the basic curriculum offered in secondary and primary schools does not guarantee efficient learnings. Research made on the techniques to update and improve the education sector, prove that the K12 curriculum for post and pre secondary students is useful to everyone. As of this time, numbers of  graduates [...]

Remedial Classes: The Psychological Effect

During the last recent years, a growing number of students going to Many high school student college have needed to take remedial classes. Remedial classes, also known as developmental or basic skills courses, are intended to deal with academic deficiencies and prepare students for the rigorous college-level coursework they’ll be engaged in during their program of study. While remedial classes [...]

Proficient Reading: How Competent Are you?

Proficient reading is equally dependent on two crucial skills: the ability to understand the language in which the text is written, and the ability to recognize and process printed text. Each of these competencies is likewise dependent on lower level skills and cognitive abilities. Children who readily comprehend spoken language and who are able to fluently and easily recognize printed [...]

How To Avoid Burnout in College

Some say that student burnout is equated with college stress, UC Berkeley psychology professor Christina Maslach says that it’s actually much more serious than mere stress. According to Maslach, burnout is “a combination of exhaustion, depression and negative feelings about oneself.” It can be like navigating a minefield when avoiding the pitfalls that can turn into burnout. However, these strategies [...]

Inquiry-Based Learning: What You Should Know

Inquiry-based learning is not a new method. It can be traced back to the education philosopher John Dewey. Asking questions is the core of inquiry-based learning. The focus of this technique is to answer the questions the students care about. This motivates them to ask new questions. The process becomes more meaningful for the students. Inquiry-based learning inspires children to further [...]

Longer School Day: Is It Necessary?

Those who support a longer school day cite better learning opportunities and improved achievement, but critics say that extending the school hours may further deplete limited budgets and put unnecessary stress on students and teachers. Extending the school day could benefit the country if it helped decrease the achievement gap between American students and other industrialized countries, resulting in better [...]